You and I Both

“Ah! So that’s what it looks like – someone falling in love for the first time.”

A Girl like Me, Yes, a Girl, I’m not a Lady nor a Woman. Deserves to get heart-broken for the first time, so this is how it feels…

Who would thought  that this Girl, who plays around with this fragile thing called ‘Love’ finally learnt her Lesson, this Girl who is Cool in most of everyone’s eyes, yet what they don’t know is she’s Cruel.

I am a Girl who is Heartless when it comes to Romantic Love. My Heart is now pierced & stabbed.

Wasn’t it enough to ruin my ‘New Year’? Now, you want to ruin also my ‘Happy Valentines’? Wait, shall  I still put ‘Happy’ on it? OH forget it. Crying won’t solve anything, I choose not to cry for the second time because I shed enough tears for you. I embrace your bad attitude even if it means defending you unreasonably, even it’s against me, I respect you questioning God’s creation; However, that Love I felt for you is True, Unconditional. I didn’t ask you to do the same thing, I’ll be just thankful to know that you’re not the one for me, you’re maybe better than ’em but I deserve someone who’s best…

A Man, not a Boy or a Guy. Time will tell, this scars will heal- Thanks for being a good and a bad memory~ Thanks for the moral. My First Love…

My Pretty Boy, I’ll soon wake up loving you, only you. I’ll only look at you. 2016 God Bless Us

“It feels so close to me, yet I can’t reach it even if I hold out my hands. But even if I can’t reach it, there are things that will stay in my heart. Being in the same time and looking at the same sky – if I can remember that, then even if we are far apart, I believe we can still be together.”


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