Curiouser To Truth

ー♪ Now Playing : Kokia – I believe『海の底から』

ᄋᄏ, I am eating Omurice  オムライス now… Using Fork, only Fork! ᄒᄒᄒ Beat that! /slapped/

Now-Now, I am a Curiouser, Yes, a Curiouser, do I have to always repeat myself? CX

A Curiouser like me is always Curious. Curiousity has no Cure.

So here’s the thing, last weekend I was curiousing on FB, I clicked a ‘Link’ that was sent to my close friend, I can’t help but ‘Click’- It was exposed in my News Feed anyway. A New Tab was open, it contains secrets… The secrets that I ne’er regret reading- They say that ‘Naked Truth is always better than Well-dressed Lie’, Thank God I found out the Truth behind the Lie.

I was still in the middle of moving-on-phase, not the one you’re thinking, not the break-ups one. My Younger Brother was convincing me on something I shall try, I shall give a chance, a chance to test myself but until now, I haven’t make up a decision which is horrible! I usually decide on something for a minute, half-day and now it took me 3 days, but after what I’ve found out from the ‘The secrets’, all I can say is ‘Time will Tell’, I leave the decision to God. I don’t want to commit the same mistake again, it hurts my Pride… my Heart…

Now, this Pretty Boy, who has something to do with my 남동생’s challenge, I believe in you… Please wait for me… I want to see & hear the truth from you.

Come to me when my tears are dry.
I try do dry my contorted cheek, but it becomes wet with tears one after the other.
I have nothing to hide, but I don’t want to show you my pain.
I am still dreaming deep under the sea.
I am still floating between the sunshine all around me.

I know your past, your dark past. You have to wear that smile, that idiotic smile. You’re the only one who can wear it handsomely. Even at times you’re conceited, I’ll happily forget my pride to admit that you’re the most attractive man I know, the man I allow to live in my heart. I’ll open my arms wide for the Dark Truth, please don’t worry about yesterday, walk forward and live the present & welcome the tomorrow, who knows, we might be able to see each other.

From the deep deep bed of the sea.
I believe you hear my voice, even if I fell down forever.
Everyone has departed across the sea.
Why do I feel comfortable when wandering in this dark cold place?

Taking a breath, going up toward the ocean bubbles.
From the deep deep bed of the sea.

Before, I didn’t know that the joke I was pulling to you will actually become serious. Silly me, I recorded your voice as my tone, I always dreamed of hearing your voice more, dreamed of hearing you call my name… I wonder how it feels…

I believe you hear my voice, even if I fell down forever.
Dropping my fear, I will make a flower bloom on the bed of the sea, hopefully.
I believe someday I’ll be able to accept everything, even if I cried and lost everything.
Everything was born in the sea.
Until the day we die and return to the sea,
believe yourself

I will not be a memory for you, I’ll stay here, I’ll watch over you, believe me. Keep in mind that you have to be stronger than me in all aspects, physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually & mentally.

I believe, even in the dark, your voice casts a ray of hope.
Take me away and guide me through to some place where I can breathe.

I believe in you, that’s why believe in yourself. I want to see you happy, to witness you reach your goals. We’re living under the same sky, so believe yourself.


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