Episode 23 「Rainy Day Day Dream」

Year 2010 since the last time I watched my favourite episode of ‘Adventure Time’


When a knife storm forces Finn and Jake to stay inside, they discover the out-of-control power of Jake’s imagination.

Finn slapping Jake’s jowls is DAMNNN CUUUTE! I mean, Jake’s so CUUUTE! CX Damn, I want to have a Dog like Jake. Then BMO appears and offers to play ‘Conversation Parade’

“What do you think about the stars in the sky?” Finn replies, “They’re all right, I guess.” BMO replies, “That is an interesting response,” Finn and Jake find this game boring…and so ME CX Sorry BMO~! When Jake suggests that they use their imaginations-

“Imagination’s for turbo-nerds who can’t handle how kickbutt reality is.” I was literally hit, I am a NERD! And I am proud of it! /imitates Finn’s scream/

This quote also crack me up, “My Imagination is too awesome” TROLOLOL! CX I kinda want to puke at the part where they eat and drink Banana Candy & Juice, it looks like stay-old.

Here comes my Favourite Part… When they meet the ‘Riddle Master’ /drum rolls; literally/

Most nonsense things usually is my humor’s  taste, “What is simple, and yet also a riddle?”. Like seriously? WHAT THE HOT SUNDAY FUDGE! I really LOLed fdor 20 seconds and whene’er I remember that riddle, I can’t help but laugh all of a sudden. When Finn states that ‘That Riddle Sucks!’ I can’t help but agree, though it’s really funny.

Skips to the Last Part…

Jake tells Finn in horror that he imagined his mom naked…

Barnacles Jake! My Younger Brother was watching with me! /slaps Jake’s jowls/



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