Optimistic; Positive Thinking

Most of the people I encounter tells me that I’m Optimistic. I was ne’er flatter until I learn the true meaning of it.

True, I am Positivist, I see to it that no matter how hard Life slap me on face, I still have to ‘Feel Good’ and wear that Smile. I will always tend to look on the things I have to grateful for no matter how tragic things occur. I can’t help but see the good things on the bad things, if I can turn a negative situation to positive, I’ll do it! I think that’s what I do best. I can’t complain, instead, I always tell God ‘Don’t trust me so much’, he knows what I am only capable of, so I leave the choice to you God.

As the Eldest Sister, I have to develop ‘Courage’ and since my Father left us 5 years ago, I need to be as Strong as a Tree. So whenever my Brother and Mother needs someone to lean on or to talk to, I’ll be able to do both. I am in the middle, I have to be open-minded, patient and responsible at the very least. Dear God, thank you for every thing that made me stronger! I will try to develop more good attitudes /nods/ ^^ 화이팅!


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