☆Gratitude Attitude!

(^▽^) ᄋᄏ I watch ‘The Secret; Law of Attraction’ for the 2nd time, you won’t absorb everything on watching once so I decided to watch it again on bigger screen awhile ago.

We’ll skip to the part where ‘Power Process’ is being discussed and there’s Lee Brower, the Teacher. He shared a Story ’bout his ‘Gratitude Rock’, Gratitude is part of the Power Process by the way, the next one is Visualize. Back to Mr. Brower, as I was sayin’ the ‘Gratitude Rock’…

Gratitude Rock is a tool.  Everytime you touch your Gratitude Stone, it anchors a thought of Gratitude.  Reminding you to take a moment a appreciate.  Each thought of gratitude is a magnet.  Gratitude Stone serves as an energy spark to the universe.

Giving gratitude provides gifts to the giver and receiver.

You may be grateful for anything; your job, your family, your health, your friends, the good weather, or world events.

As you give thanks…you get.  This process is very simple.

Keep your gratitude flowing and be open to receive.  The universe will help you with the rest.

The problem is, I don’t have any Rock and I don’t want a Rock. That’s why I’ll replace the Rock with a Bracelet, I have a Cross-Bracelet, it will be convenient for me because it’s wearable. I am Grateful, every Morning & every Night, I thank God; However, I just want to be more Grateful, I want to list the things in my mind what to be Grateful for, small or big things. I want to practice more, I want to develop this attitude.


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