Change is the only Constant Thing

Yesterday Night,

My Mom is being a ‘Hot-Headed Mama’, not surprising, for she’s been like that for 17 years of my existence. Me & my Brother is giving her a Chance to Change, not to brag, but I’m sick of it, I am changing my Bad Attitudes (Little by Little) for the sake; However, I know she’s just doing it on purpose and ignore everything. I am sick of  them telling me to ‘Understand her Situation’ THE NERVE! That’s one of the reasons why she’s being a H-H Mama~

And what about us? Why don’t you try  also to understand our situation? Do you think just because you’re a Parent we, Children, don’t have any right to voice out our feelings? If I were to try again discuss this ‘Topic’, she will listen, but will eventually drift away or will forget what I said after she sleep. I am opening this to her because I love her and I’m being a my Concerned Daughter, I don’t say it but I show it. I may be & may sound mean but I’m not really that mean, but she’s still getting on my nerves.

She shouldn’t expect that we’ll change if she can’t even inspire change herself. I’m still praying that One Day, I’ll woke up and I’ll be gonna like ‘What the Hot Sunday Fudge?! Something’s wrong with Mom!’, I don’t want to hear her Machine Gun RATTA-TTTA-TTTA!!!

After she bicker, she turned into an ‘Angel’ and asked me if she can open her Facebook account, Man, FVCK that Shit. You ruined our Happiness for 1 Hour and you- YOU WHAT?! I was literally dumb-founded. She’s Bipolar-ing on me, if there’s such word. I can’t always handle people like that, I graduated from that, my Class Adviser when I was Senior is also Bipolar. I can’t handle anymore so I’m Apologizing in advance, God, I leave it to you. Y’know I told Mom that ‘It’s one of the reason why Dad cheated on her’ Please don’t make me say it again Mom, or do you want to hear the worst words from me~ Please, I had enough.

So much Negativity,

I am Sorry. I’ll lighten up the Atmosphere with ‘V6’s Change the World’ ♪

GOD BLESS! /waves/


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