Oh Yeah~! It’s been awhile since I blog, so here I go!

I have mention that I am a Sone (소원) before, that being said, I am SM-biased. I love their songs however, after a month. I can’t stand my Namsaeng, he has been playing All my Love for You, I Got a Boy & Dancing Queen every single day. I have heard enough of these songs for my entire life, after-life and reincarnation if that exists. I can’t believe I am saying this but ‘I am sick of Girls’ Generation songs’ I can’t listen to any of their songs for now.


This is not the only time he Over-Played. He also Over-Played ‘Catch Me’ of TVXQ, Infinite’s Paradise & UKISS’ Stop Girl.

Dang! My ear will start to bleed if I hear any of these 3 songs again.

Please.STOP.Namsaeng! Wear your Damn Earplugs. I can’t let you use Creative until Summer is Over.



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