Single, Expensive and Limited Edition

I am 17 years young and my Friends can’t wait until I reach 20. Why? Because I told ’em that I’ll only allow myself to have a Boyfriend. It’s like a Goal for me that’s why I take it seriously. 4 years of High-School Surviving without staining my Relationship History.

3 of my Friends give an ounce of ‘F-U-C-K’ whenever it comes to that and it annoys me and my other 2 girl friends. It’s like being Single for ’em is a Big Deal, for ’em it’s like an Apocalypse to have ‘NO-Boyfriend’ & that makes me wanna slap their faces but I can’t, so I just did it in my Imagination.

It’s not like no one ever tried to court me, Eew~ it’s just that they know that I am not interested and they respect that also my Friends are protective over me because I’m their ‘Baby’, I am the 막내 (Maknae ‘Youngest’) of the Group & of the Class since Freshman to Senior Year, they reason out that I am 미자 (Mija ‘Underage-Kid’).

Have I ever got a Crush on someone? Of Course, I have my 1 & only Crush when I was in High-School, P.S. He’s my Crush when I was in Freshman, just a Crush, literally. Sophomore, my 1st ♥ Love www /drum rolls/ 生田斗真 (Ikuta Toma)  I know I sound Corny but it’s the Inconvenient Truth, he occupied my Heart for 2 years and a half until 本郷奏多 (Kanata Hongo) kicked him out when I was 14 y.y.

Present Time, I made an oath this year, 2013 that I’ll stay loyal with my Pretty Boy ❤ ᄑᄎ 여

I am Single because God is busy writing my Love Story. I leave it all to him.

Dearest my Future Boyfriend,

You’ll blessed because you’ll broke the record. Never been Kissed and Never been Touched. Just so y’know, it will give you a Sense of Achievement so see you in the Future!


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