KPop is Illuminati

Really Bitch, Really?

I am so SICK of hearing the Illuminati I don’t even know what Fuck it has to do with KPop, why would they think these Groups are associated with this Organization? I Googled Illuminati when I was Junior because my Best-Friend told me that Charice Pempengco & Lady Gaga is an Illuminati member, according to what I read : the members were all intelligent and respective Scientists, Philosophers and Logical Thinkers, and one of the Original Member is Galileo Galilee.

That being Mother-Fucking said I don’t see why anybody thinks that Lady Gaga, Charice Pempengco or even KPop is an Illuminati, do they sound like Scientists & Philosophers? I don’t Mother-Fucking think so— People are so Conspiracisists, I don’t even know if it’s a word if it isn’t then I just made it up and  if it is, then Kudos to Conspiracists.

It’s just Dumb!

That made-up Theory about Artists and Pop Stars are planning to take over the World with their music are STUPID AS FUCK. People just need to Shut the Fuck Up and Get Over with it. The Illuminati exists but it has nothing to do with KPop and the other Artists & Pop Bitches that everybody wants to associate with ’em.

Shut your Fucking Mouth, Get Mother-Fucking Educated and Drop it!


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