Stupid Shit Continuous to Happen . . .

Y’know I’ve been bitchin’ ’bout so many things…

It Continuous to Amuse me and to Fascinate me that Shit is repeated. Me and my Namsaeng is celebrating our 8th week on Network Marketing today.

I am the Kind of Person who is quiet and observant, I have a habit of remembering whatever people say to me especially when my Eoma and my Namsaeng says something that has anything to do with me and that has not anything to do with me e.g. My Namsaeng said ‘I am fired up! From now on, I’ll focus on my Goal and Blah Blah Blah 뭐..뭐…뭐 ヤダヤダ’ after watching ‘The Secret LOA’. The next day, nothing literally happened, not even a tincy-wincy tiny thing happen, just like what I was expecting. He’s still doing his “Daily Routine”, After Waking-Up, iMac for 5 Hours inserts Breakfast but is still in front of iMac, Schooling from 12 until 5 PM, NBA 2K13 for 2 Hours, then iMac again until Midnight.

Smiles and laughter are always good, but never forget your Poker Face.

Hands down, he knows his mistakes but is still in that kind of mindset, I am here to Ask him ‘What can I do to make make things better?’ Brother, I am always ready to extend a hand to help or Bitch Slap your Face so you can wake up in Reality! Wishful Thinking is Different from Positive Thinking, you have to apply the Principles from what you learn in your life little by little. You can’t just get anything you want with a blink of an eye or a snap of a finger. Ugh~

There’s no reason for you to WAIT and STAY at the Step 2 when you’re not even lifting a finger for an effort. Gim’me a Break. I’ll give you the Silent Treatment you want. You’re not the only one who’s working, who’s pressured and thinking. We’re running out of time, this is so much inconvenient for us, don’t settle for less. You have to look for the best.


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