Bad Bitch

Some EXO Fangirls crack me up. They ne’er fail to drive me Crazy.

I want in insertsEXObias’name on bed, floor, in the kitchen, in the living room, in the bath room, walls, ceiling, on the roof and in the car

Me: Well aren’t you just a li’l whore?

I do understand that some fans are just dirty-minded, it’s in their nature but please keep it to yourself, keep your Vagina to yourself. No one wants to hear your green and yellow fantasies, do it somewhere else where a fan like me, who still keeps her innocence away from such nasty things.

It makes me want ’em to ‘Avada Kedavra!’ or just Bitch Slap ’em on face and do they will fall on a body of water or some International Border Line. Delusional!!! Do they think it will happen? Do they think that their EXO-oppas will make-out with ’em? Do they think they have chances?


Even .01%?

Oh No- No- No- No- No! No chances at all!

Why? It’s because first and foremost, they don’t fucking know you. Do Idols like EXO want to have s-e-x with some complete stranger? with some random girl or fangirl? I don’t fucking think so. I’m Sorry, but your Dreams are meant to be Crash. Accept it Dearest Fangirls.

Get a Life! Eat some Cereal and Watch Spongebob Squarepants-


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