Girl By

There’s a difference between Concern and Worry. I don’t get why my Aunts and Uncles keep meddling in our own Family Issue. I can’t stand it whenever they reason out that it’s because we’re Family, it’s because we’re concern about our Nephews . . .

Bitch by, I don’t give a fucking fuck with all of your own Family Issues not because I am a selfish Bitch but because it’s not my Problem. Lem’me just stick your noses back to your faces again so you can mind your own Business. I appreciate the fact that you’re being ‘Family-Oriented’ here however you’re getting on the way, you’re making it worse, ain’t a big deal but you’re trippin’

Now, I finally understand why the shitness all over my Mother’s side is happening like a pattern. I hate to say that but it’s the ugly truth. They should have not been forgetting their mistakes from the past because the chances of committing it is high. We, your Children, can forgive but we ne’er forget, it’s engraved in our mind, the scar is healed as time goes by but if you keep wounding it. God bless y’all. That’s all.

I pray that you’ll be enlighten in some way, somehow… You can’t rub on our noses that you all attend mass every Friday & Sunday, that you know the Lord’s Prayer & you know how to use the Rosary and that you pray every MorNight.

Like, Please, Stop-Stop! Okay? Ugh, I am annoyed. Why don’t you just apply all the Moral you learnt from Church? I am telling you Mother, Aunts & Uncles that you can’t stop the unstoppable, face the fact that most of your Nephews are Stubborn, especially me and my Brother. For the good and the bad, once we decided, there’s nothing you can do to change it.


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