False Health-Conscious

ᄋᄏ I am eating Dunkin’ Donuts

When a friend of mine is complaining how hungry she is, I told her ‘Why not eat Bitch?’ and she told me ‘I’m on a Diet’ and I was like ‘HaHaHa Fuck That!’ But really, I don’t think Starving has something to do with Diet. That’s so Wrong, Wrong Shit. I am blessed that no matter how much I Eat, I don’t gain so much Weight, just Height…

That brings back when a Classmate of mine ask me Why I pour so much Sugar and Milk on my Cereals and Coffee, ‘I don’t like Plain CCs‘ I responded. Who wants a Plain Cereal anyway? When you can have Sugary goodness. Who cares about Diet? Honestly, I don’t give a Fucking Fuck. That’s what happens when you have a Sweet-Tooth.

Besides of the made-up Diet, I also want to express my Complain ’bout people who is ‘Health-Conscious’ much. This Dudette from High-School is so exaggerated, whene’er me and my Friends drink Coke, she’d be like ‘You’ll die if you drink Coke!’ and I was like, you deserve my middle finger. Another Story,way-back 2011, after the Christmas Party, we went to my Friend’s Abode, we ordered Hamburgers at McDonalds, while we were busy playing Sims 3 & watching SpongeBob SquarePants, this Bitch sneakily remove the meat from the patty and replace it with Sweet Potato.

Merienda Time! Means Eating Time, they were the first one to eat because I was so glued on the Game, then all of a sudden, they puke the Burger and ‘What the Hell?!’ We all knew who’s behind the Shitty, I was ’bout to raise my War Flag when they stop me, I really-really want to yell at her because she wasted our food, our money and our Food!

The good thing is, my Friend’s Apba brought some Ice-Cream, Chinese Food and Popcorn. Our day was save! Thanks to her Father! So~Yeah~ To those who are self-acclaimed ‘Health-Conscious’ please, you’re not a Doctor to know what shall we eat or what shan’t. I don’t need your cooked-up facts.


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