Defying Age

I have Read ‘Paradox of Age’ of Dalai Lama awhile ago and for some reason… I can see my Parents-

As the Eldest, my Parents and their whole Family, especially my Eoma’s side are expecting a lot from me. Peer Pressure, Girl By! I still remember everything when I was studying, from Grade School to High School, if my Grades are below A+, my Parents will either compare me to my Elder Sisters (from Apba’s 1st Family) and to my Cousins or publicly humiliate me. Now that I graduated from that, as a CollegeDropped Out, I decided to work Online rather than continuing my Studies for now, I want to save ‘this amount of money’ so I can enroll in my Dream School, Oh Yeah~! Somewhere in Hollywood, California.

The person I love most is also the person who is mostly hurt and that is no other than my Eoma… I know why she’s hurt, simply because I can’t be the Daughter she hope, wish and pray for- but! I don’t feel Sorry for that. I will prove to her that me, a 17 years young Girl can achieve her Goals despite of being a ‘Minor’. Honestly, she still see me and my Namsaeng as a Kid who  can’t peel Bananas and I can’t blame her; However, that’s what she only sees, she didn’t know our Achievements, our Mindset & what we are Capable of and it doesn’t matter. She will get in our way once she knew what we are planning. Anyways, even our Family doesn’t support us, we still have our Friends (are the Family I don’t have. The people who see the Greatness within Me).

We’ve been criticized, discouraged, insulted, judged and ridiculed (and all of it has something to do with our Age) but we didn’t take it personally, we expected that it will happen and will continuously happen, all we have to do is convert the negative situations into positive situations. It’s what keeps us motivated, it’s what keeps our Life and Story Interesting.

 Dear God, thank you for today, yesterday, and tomorrow. My family, my joys, my sorrows. For all that made me stronger.

No matter what happens, we will stick to our Philosophy, fight for our Goals and Always Keep The Faith!

If you continue to Dream, If you never abandon your Dream. It will come true in the End.

– 김준수  (동방신기)


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