Ideal Type

Haven’t I mention my Ideal Type before? Ne’er Mind. I’ll do this anyway.

My Ideal Type is /coughs/ someone who has a Doting Father-Type-Personality. From my observations, I also like Dudes who looks like a Girl, I mean Pretty Boys, it makes me want to dress ’em up ふふふ. I can explain why I like Doting Fathers, it’s all because I’m a Daddy’s Girl.

I remember, when my Dude Classmates (High-School) in Philippines spoil me. They are so Considerate that I can easily ask ’em favours, you can say that I was a li’l devil before, abusing the powers of a Maknae. I could please ’em by just saying ‘Kuya (means ‘Older Brother in Filipino) … *inserts something I want ’em to do for me with Please* ‘. I am such a spoiled-bratt, since Madison was a Kid until now that she’s 17, the only difference is that I am in control.

I usually get what I want and it’s all thanks to my Apba who treats me like a Queen, not a Princess because it’s too Girly Girl. The Advantage I love ’bout this is that my Power of Attraction is so Strong that in just a blink of an eye or just a snap of a finger, LO~! I get what I want. And after I get what I want, I thank God.

Before this drift away from its bottom-line, I almost forgot to tell you that I ne’er like a Dude who’s younger than me (I have a Pride, remember?) …and then there’s Jeremy Shada. Why Oh Why? Why do Life has to treat me so Kind /is doomed/ Just Kidding! He’s just my Crush (literally) because I really love Finn from ‘Adventure Time’. I just love the screams and shouts, is there even a difference between though? I can’t decipher.

Now this Dude, before I start, I have to hide his identity because he’s a Minor so lem’me call him Ken. Trololol! I mean Visone, he’s a dongsaeng of mine and I met him 3 months ago. He didn’t know that I am older than him, so I let him act like an Oppa and かく かく しか じか then I suddenly get irritated with the suddenly Cheesiness, “Dude, I am 17 years young” I blurted out that I am a Noona. Then he was like “I like Noonas” and since I am cold, cruel, 100% proof attitude power I replied to him that I LIKE OLDER DUDES (e.g. Anderson Cooper). He didn’t mind me and just continue with his Cheesiness, the situation is just worse that I can’t even-

Sometimes it’s better to shut your lips, do the Hellen Keller and talk with your hips. I mention 2 of my Crushes didn’t I? I can’t go fucking down from the Fucking List, too many to mention, can still remember all of ’em O__O And Jeremy Shada broke the record! Hooray! Yippie! Okay, God Bless Y’All!

/listens to 伊藤 由奈’s Trust You + Endless Storyー♪/


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