Letting my Faith decide

What doesn’t kill me fucks me up mentally.

I am putting all my Faith in what I most Believe in. While I was inside the shower-room, I was re-evaluating my Life Plans and Goals. I can’t be doing the things I’ve done before, I can still remember the mistakes I committed, the memories are still fresh, especially the wound. I have to tell her that I am going to pave my own road, that I have to drift away from her perspectives. I have the right to speak up, I can do what she wants me to do but I know I’ll be regretting it. I don’t know how to sound unoffensive but I don’t want to end up like her, I don’t want to live my life full of regrets, I’d rather die penniless but happy.

I was born to sing, to love music and to embrace song. I am inspired by Ka Freddie Aguilar’s Powerhouse episode I watch on YouTube. Dayuuum! I can relate to him most of the time. Ugh~ I am so- confuzzled, I have to give myself a whole day for deciding and thinking of my future. Thank you God, thank you for all the pains and the sorrows, for all that made me stronger but please God, don’t trust me so much. You know my limits, I still have limits of course. My faith will lead me there, I leave it all up to you God. I will let the Universe align everything that is needed to be done, for good.

I’ll soon find the strength I needed for the heartache Life. No matter how hard it is, I’ll never give up. If I am ever lost outside, I’ll look inside myself. Guide me Dear Lord, I’m on my way. The dream to reality converting process has started . . .


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