I am talkin’ ’bout the underrated singers in 대한민국 (South Korea). I know that in every girl or boy group and even soloists, there are underrated and there are overrated, it’s pretty common; However, it saddens me because they deserve more spotlight. I dislike the fact that the artists and musicians who are overrated are the ‘talentless’ ones, I dislike the fact that they’re putting the people who sound shit on the stage and let ’em sing or dance AND I dislike the fact that the most people here are into looks. I mean, they only care ’bout the appearances, they treat ’em OH-SO SPECIAL even though they know that that person undergo in plastic surgery and sometimes, even their attitudes went on the process. These betches are affront as fuck that I would be just like「Looks who’s talkin’」

Anyway, I will keep praying that people become more open-minded or to at least have a high-sense of justice because it’s unfair to treat ’em like an accessory or a decoration in house especially if they really don’t deserve it. If they are doing more than they are paid for, at least have some conscience and reward ’em. A simple ‘Thank You’ or an act of appreciation is fine. I will only give a single example and that is K Pop and K Indie, both are really different and it can’t be compared, but there are stupid betches who makes me want to compare the two and I will use this time to shine /slapped/ I mean to rant everything I want!

First and foremost, K Indie songs are meaningful, they will hit your heart without any pain, listening to the melody alone despite the language barrier, you’ll understand the meaning and the message of the song and their songs are more soothing on ears. I don’t have any hatred for K Pop but some of the fans are just so getting on my nerves and it makes me want to slap ’em across their fugly face, kick ’em on face, go to the zoo, free an elephant and let it shit on their mouth. I was a carried away but y’know what I mean?

I will try to deal and understand these people. This is just really dumb, K Indies songs are so good but they are so unknown. This singer, from a 5 girl group has the golden voice, she’s one of the nicest member next to the leader. She’s underrated, if their agency only realize how blessed they are to have her, if only. I am thankful she’s working her best without any conditions, I love her, all of  ’em, I love their group but give some space for her because she’s worthy.

Have I said enough? ᄋᄏ before I end this rant, I want to promote this chance to please, if you have time or if you get fed up with K Pop, try  listen to K Indies (such as 커피 소년, 타루, 제이, 제이라삣. . .) and 팀 황 and 린 and such and such!

True artists are not motivated by money and will continue to create new music regardless of whether or not they get paid. When money is the motivator, it ceases to be art.


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