Dear K-Pop fans (who dream to be a K-Pop Idol),

First and Foremost,오랜만 없음! After a Month, I am finally back. I pray ye are all doin’ good because I am doin’ good. Now-Now, what’s the topic for today 매디슨? I’ve Googled awhile ago while playing ‘Pet Society’ and my Subject Matter for today is K-Pop Fans who wants to be a K-Pop Idol. I just saw this on Tumblr and I was like, this will be an interesting thing to talk ’bout since I am a K-Pop fan. Now from my perspective, I think it’s really a normal thing to think ’bout you, as a fan, wishing that someday, you could be an idol and go outside the stage, perform, with you dream Oppas (and Eonis) together.

However, I said “wishing”, it’s a merely wishful thinking. I want to clarify that this blog is not a response blog ᄋᄏ? My Senior friends dreamt the same thing. My E.L.F. friend who is ‘Shea Butter’ dreamt of being an SM Trainee, to get close with her 동해-오빠 and my self-acclaimed SONE friend ‘Lden’ dreamt of being the 10th member of 소녀시대 but he changed it to as ‘SM Trainee’ afterwhile. 데, he is a he! A year ago, that E.L.F. friend of mine found something she wants to do with her life and choose to pursue her studies at the Oldest University in Asia, so her dream remained as a dream, as for my Gay friend, he still dreams of being a trainee. He is just a HARDCORE K-Pop fan that sometimes I personally suggest he should go and see a Psychologist because his LIFE evolves around K-Pop.

Anyways, they are not the only fans I have encountered who dreamed the same thing, from what I observe is that, ALL of ‘EM are the same, almost the same, their main purpose of wanting that is because of fame and fortune (and to get close with their Oppas) I mean who wouldn’t? But the question is, ” Is that what you really want in your Life? “/” Is that your Main Goal in Life? “. Why don’t you sit your ass down for a second and think, question yourself, ” Am I being Realistic? “, I am not here to crash your dreams but let’s just face the ugly truth, it will slap you hard on face. It’s alright to dream but being a selfish dreamer rather than being a practical dreamer is just a NO-NO. Don’t ye think that after you reach 30 years old, the industry will replace you with the fresh, new and young ones? This must not be a LIFE GOAL, don’t focus on the short-term, don’t focus on the wrong shit! Find a good purpose to do in your life that is agreeable (especially with God). Don’t waste your time on something stupid.

If you don’t have any GOOD reason/s, you can’t tell me your dream can possibly be converted in reality because it’s D-U-M-B. You’re just fucking pathetic. If you know that you don’t have any talent on singing or dancing or both, why want to be a singer or dancer? If you want to be a K-Pop idol but you don’t look like an Asian or Korean, why the hell want to be a K-Pop Idol? Why not want to be an idol in your country then? There are 4 Million K-Pop fans in the World, 1 out of 10,000 trainees become an idol and they haven’t included the statistic readings about the ‘Successful Ones’, do you still want to be a trainee or an idol? If Yes, I respect that. God Bless.

A BBC Documentary : (Exclusively for those who DREAMS of being a K-Pop Idol)


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