/McTwisp’s agitates/ Late! Late! For an Important Date.

I say Ne’er!

There’s only one thing that I won’t graduate in, and it is my Diversions. Fuck Grammar at this point, I’ll make up my own words today.

There’s a lot of things in the World that people shan’t miss trying or at least giving a try. Chances are like Trains, I won’t bother myself explainin’ how I assimilate the two, you get what I mean?  Everyday, people has chances, meet chances and grab chances. It’s up to ’em if they use it wisely. In my case, I believe that I pointed a lot of things I wanted to do in the Universe’s Catalogue. Most of it are associated with Arts, Music, Fashion and Food, when I was a Kid, until now I am still a Kid /slapped/, anyways, my Apba saw a potential from me that I could be an Artist, a Mangaka (the one who makes Manga, a Japanese Comic) or a Painter, so when I was in High-School, I told my Eoma that I’ll take the Fine Arts Majoring in Painting. My classmates told me that I could do better in Architecture and stuff; However, I want to graduate from Math So Yeah~

So much things occurred that my brain overloaded, ideas overflowed and I wanted to do all things at the same time. While I was studying Painting, I am also doing Blogs, Photo & Video Editing, Editing Websites and Writing Fictions online. I got no time for myself but I didn’t regret that, I enjoyed it whene’er I learn things. The least fun part is Starving. On dark and dull times, I make myself busy with Reading a Book or Playing a Game that will take me a day or a week to finish, that’s how I am OH-SO! motivated before and maybe until now, just to achieve something. Oh, how Dominant!

There goes my sketches, it’s been awhile since I draw something. What I am sketching now is clothes and Ugh, just an art that will pop out in my head. Gah~ I have so much more to say, so in the present, my ultimate diversion is SINGING! Oh Yeah~ My shower is my concert stage, I think, in every single day God make, I sing or hum. I just love singing, if I can have my own house now, I will move there and sing at the top of my lungs (that’s more like screaming) and beat a Karaoke Machine. The good thing about this is that, I don’t sound shit /inserts eye-smile/ My Senior Friends and my Younger Brother complimented me before, but whene’er my Bro does that, I don’t know how to accept it, I find it a Bluff! One day, I’ll on public, it doesn’t matter if it’s a stage, a concert stage, as long as it’s not inside my shower room. I want to experience how it feels to be cheered and to be applauded by people. I want to make profits using my talents ᄏᄏᄏ The important thing is to give God the present of becoming a ___. It’s goin’ to be COOL if I become successful with something I love, I’d rather loose on my diversion than winning on a thing I loathe.

Environment is a big factor, if you have a lot of things you have passion for then I ye best believe me that you have a lot of things you are capable of. More than what you can think you can actually do, ye just have to GO FOR IT! Be a fighting dreamer like Naruto! There’s a lot more things I want to learn like learning to bake pastries, prepare desserts (Pâtissière), study at Gnomon School of Visual Effects and I want to study at Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences. So there, I can’t guarantee that that’ll be all, I can’t go down from the list. Besides of studying, my LIFE GOAL and a part of my diversion is to be an Entrepreneur, a Business Woman who will own her a franchise of Starbucks & Krispy Kreme, I just love Coffee and Doughnut. I dreamt of having my own cafe too but we’ll see, this dream is a blueprint for now and it need some improvement. I’ll do all of it even it takes the remainder of my life! 힘내!

EXILE / I Wish For You (full ver. / オフィシャル動画)


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